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moves money for good.

Conscious Capital began as a registered investment advisor (RIA) that moves capital for good, which is to say it works to fulfill each client’s life purpose and places a high priority on impact investing, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Today, the company is a larger network that identifies Conscious Wealth as its RIA, which offers holistic wealth and alternative asset (fixed income) products for both client portfolio enhancement and advisor recruitment..

Future Capital

is Conscious Capital's non-profit spin-off that convenes UN-based working groups for SDG solutions and distributes AI-driven, blockchain-based, open-source tech with the explicit mission of advancing human consciousness and moving capital for good. Future Capital plays a crucial role in expanding the network and mission while promoting sustainable and responsible government-level projects.

The NPO is also partnered with the The World Academy of Arts & Sciences for human security issues, and the Pvblic Foundation for its Family Offices for Sustainable Development organization that flows capital to the UN’s SDGs.


is Conscious Capital's for-profit broker/dealer (OSJ to B/D) spin-off that specializes in compliant tokenomics and Web3 app development. Scious enables Conscious Capital’s network to offer private placement of tokenized assets and execute seamless transactions.
Conscious Capital Founder Lawrence Ford explains: “Our network and approach offers market differentiation: the ability to promote impact investing, sustainability, and social responsibility all while generating attractive and meaningful returns for our clients and partners.” Conscious Capital is an ever-expanding network for moving capital for good.

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Mobile Digital Asset Wallet Supporting Conditional Cash Transfer (OpenCCT™).

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