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A platform for transforming economies and unleashing sustainable prosperity.

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Explore how Future Capital connects consciousness and capital to address global challenges, create mutual benefit, and abundance for a sustainable future.

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Unleash cutting-edge projects and initiatives for a better world.

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Join forces with interdisciplinary experts to create lasting change.

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Harness conscious capital to drive sustainable development.

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UN Gathering

Inaugural Meeting: Creating a Conscious Future
United Nations Headquarters
New York • 2019-09-12 - 13
“The inaugural Future Capital gathering, focused on supporting and accelerating the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, brought together global leaders and organizations to establish a more evolved relationship between capital and consciousness”

Global Roundtable

Financing Global Development: Collaborative Strategies
World Bank
Washington DC • 2019-09-16 - 17
WAAS, the World Bank, and founding members of Future Capital discussed practical strategies to enhance the use of capital for addressing climate crisis, implementing the SDGs, and promoting equitable human well-being.

Money's Future

Exploring the Psychological and Social Foundations of Money
Dubrovnik, Croatia •
2019-11-18 - 20
WAAS hosted a roundtable discussing the relationship between money, values, and consciousness, and how to utilize money as an instrument for the well-being of all.

Global Forum

Introducing Future Capital to World Leaders
Seoul, South Korea •
2019-11-18 - 19
Lawrence Ford and Mila Popovich represented Future Capital at the Global Leaders Forum, discussing possibilities for collaborations and promoting Future Capital's mission to a wider audience.

United Nations Working Group

Sustainable Development Investing and Impact Measurement Expert Meeting
Lawrence Ford attended an Expert Group Meeting, contributing to the work of the Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance, aiming to harmonize sustainability reporting and investment transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main mission of Future Capital and Scious Global?
The main mission of Future Capital and Scious Global is to create a conscious economy that prioritizes mutual interdependence, well-being, and prosperity for all beings, including the Earth.
How do Future Capital and Scious Global plan to achieve their mission?
Future Capital and Scious Global plan to achieve their mission by bringing together a cross-disciplinary blend of global leaders to create a common platform and language that will resonate across cultures, demographics, and stakeholders. They aim to transform human and economic systems in ways that produce unprecedented levels of long-term, widespread prosperity while meeting essential and non-essential human needs without degrading the environment or creating inequities.
What role do investors, companies, and consumers play in the mission of Future Capital and Scious Global?
Investors, companies, and consumers play an important role in directing the flow of capital for the common good. Future Capital and Scious Global recognize the role they play in achieving a conscious economy that meets the needs of all beings, including the Earth. Companies are proving the business case for operations and efforts that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals, while consumers vote with their dollars every single day.
How do Future Capital and Scious Global plan to coordinate and amplify transformative work around the world?
Future Capital and Scious Global plan to coordinate and amplify transformative work around the world by tapping into the field of collective intelligence, welcoming new ideas, and grounding actions that serve the common good. They seek to catalyze, cross-pollinate, and accelerate cutting-edge projects and initiatives that can help build a new model for managing and distributing capital.
What values underpin the missions of Future Capital and Scious Global?
The missions of Future Capital and Scious Global are grounded in higher consciousness and radical kindness, which recognize and honor all types of capital. The two organizations prioritize love, kindness, reciprocity, peace, liberty, and abundance for all, and believe that elevating consciousness and reprioritizing these values is essential to shaping the flow of capital and creating a future that supports all members of the earthly community.

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